FFCE Initiatives


Direct Support (DSO) to Florida Department of Corrections

FFCE collaborates with the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) to expand and enhance the interests and priorities of the agency. Our current focus is to expand and enhance the work of the DOC.

We have invested in program implementation that relates specifically to re-entry and release initiatives: career readiness training, job programs, industry credential partnerships, online/classroom training programs, and more.

FFCE is also advancing community corrections by expanding probationer certificate programs, investing in technology for employment credentials, and acquiring capital assets to improve reentry service implementation.

Download the Employer Checklist & View FFCE Initiatives

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Fair-Chance Employment Checklist

Nationwide, employers are facing labor shortages, supply chain chaos, and retention challenges. Despite job openings, millions of formerly incarcerated individuals are struggling to find stable employment as they reenter the community after serving their time. The inability to gain secure employment takes its toll on Florida’s families and its economy.

Fortunately, employers can bridge the gap, fulfilling their workforce needs while creating job opportunities for these motivated and engaged employees.

Download the Checklist for Fair Chance Employers and see how your organization can benefit while helping others.

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Class B Commercial Driver’s Licensing

Incarcerated individuals often have limited access to educational and vocational programs. As a result, their ability to reintegrate into society can also be limited, increasing the risk of recidivism.

CDL-Class B courses are a cost-effective and practical solution to provide the justice-involved population with the opportunity to learn new skills, quickly making them more competitive and work-ready in an industry with high demand.

Find out about the Commercial Driver License (CDL) Class B Licensing Pilot Program.

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CAT Simulator

The provision of Caterpillar Simulators, educators, and computer support will provide skill development and training for heavy equipment operation for participants and will pave the way for their reentry success.

The construction industry, predominantly male-oriented, is experiencing a rising demand for female heavy equipment operators.  Women returning to the community who have CAT Simulator training acquire valuable social and job employment skills to meet this demand for new employment opportunities.

Read the FFCE CAT Simulator Use Case to understand how this equipment and program create a game-changing vocational training opportunity for women.

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Technology Access: DTEN Monitors

Correctional facilities face a demand for secure and reliable technology solutions to provide access to community resources beyond the boundaries of the facility, expanding training, education, and employment opportunities. 

The DTEN monitor is a versatile and cost-effective solution that provides numerous benefits for correctional facilities, including secure and tamper-proof display, and easy installation and maintenance. DTEN monitor use allows individuals to participate in virtual events, such as hiring events, interviews, workshops, training, and classes for groups and individuals.

Learn more about the Initiative to Provide DTEN Monitors and Zoom Room capabilities at nineteen Florida facilities.